Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions

Ravago Chemicals takes high value in finding the right solution for our customers. With our high-quality facilities for premixes and customize blends, we can develop Tailor Made Solutions.

Application lab, Greece

In Greece we have a blending facility for food ingredients and additives with quality control in our dedicated application lab. Based on our knowledge, we develop new and innovative tailor-made solutions, which are unique and customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer. With these customized blends, we can simplify production processeses, optimize the dosage for very concentrated ingredients, increase cost effectiveness and ensure consistent taste, texture, and high-quality in the finished products.

Premix Plant / Application lab, Serbia

With our premix plant and application lab in Feketić, Serbia, we offer our customers tailor-made premixes that meets their requirements. With the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment and software, our technical experts provide complete feed formulations. We produce micro and macro premixes for all animal species: poultry, swine, ruminants, pets, fish, etcetera. In our application lab we support our customers by analysing raw materials, and mixing and testing of new formulations before live production.