Coatings & Inks

Our Coatings and Inks products are obviously present in our daily lives. Think about your car, the walls of your living-room, the print of your favorite magazine, the color of your house.

Our Coating Team Experts can provide the support in formulations, offering Synthetic Polymers, Extenders, Cellulose Ethers, Thickeners, Rheology Modifiers, Isocyanates and others. Our Coalescing agents can be used to optimize the film formation and with our Pigments we provide color, opacity, gloss to the Coating or whiteness with our TiO2. To avoid problems in the surfaces we offer an extensive range of Additives.



  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Coatings Sealers & Primers
  • Coatings OEM
  • Can and Coil Coating
  • Deco Interior
  • Digital Inks
  • DIY
  • Floor Coatings

  • Graphic Arts Ink
  • Marine
  • Masonry Coatings
  • Metal Coating
  • Pigment Dispersions / Pastes
  • Powder Coating
  • Printing Inks
  • Roof Coatings
  • Traffic & Road Marking
  • Wood Coatings

Our products

Our products

Adhesion Promoters, Antioxidants, Biocides, Catalysts, Cellulose Ethers, Coalescing Agent, Corrosion Inhibitors,  Corrosion Protection, Defoamers, Dispersing Agents, Driers, Matting Agents, Plasticizer, Rheology Modifiers, Surfactants, UV Absorbers, Waterproofing Additives, Waxes, Wetting Agents.

Calcium Carbonate, Glass Beads, Kaolin, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC), Talc.

Acrylics, Alkyds, Caprolactones, Epoxy, Fluoropolymers, Hydrocarbons, Isocyanates (Aliphatic, Aromatic), Melamine, Polyester, Polyols, Polyurethane Dispersions, Polyvinyl Acetate, Starches, Styrene-Acrylic.

TiO2, Iron Oxides, Chrome Oxide Green, Ultramarine Blues, Cobalt Blues, Bismuth Vanadate, Zinc and Manganese Ferrites, Anticorrosive, CICP

Carbon Black, HPP (High Performance Pigments)

Effect Pigments:
Pearlescent, Phosphorescent, Thermochromic, Fluorescent. Iridescent, Aluminum Paste

Pigment preparations:
Pigment Paste