Decorative Pavements & Protective Treatments

Additives used for colored hot mix production (granular pigments, clear binders), as well as solutions that provide surface mechanical properties and decorative function coatings (anti-kerosene, antiskid, self-cleaning, glow coating effects…, percolate toppings, soil stabilizer, dust suppressors…), that can be applied over different substrates:

  • Granular Pigments & Clear Binders
  • Decorative SYSTEMS and Effect Coatings
  • Stamped Asphalt
  • Anti-kerosene Protective Coatings
  • Percolate Toppings
  • Soil and Surface Protectors
Ravasol Asphalt

Our solutions

Our solutions

  • COLOR+ R
  • COLOR+ Series
  • CB-S9G
  • CB-S7

  • BOND System
  • ARQUO Line
  • TOPGUM System
  • GRIP Line
  • GLOW Range
  • SEAL Line

  • ANTIKER Line
  • STAB-33
  • STAB-IR75
  • DUST Line
  • SKIN-41
  • PERCOLA Line