For the Textile & Leather market we have a wide and innovative range of chemical products and dyes to cover the needs of all stages of textile chain.

We have a modern specialized laboratory available to our customers for technical assistance, tailored developments, innovations of interest according to market demand and certificate issuing, always with complete sales and technical assistance.

Our products

Our products for

Lauryl ether sulphate, Dodecyl benzen sulphonic acid, Sodium dioctyl sulphosuccinate, 2-Ethyl hexyl sulphate, Alkyl phosphate esters, alpha-Olefin sulphonate

Ethoxylated fatty alcohols, Ethoxylated fatty amines, Ethoxylated castor oil, Ethoxylated Sorbitan Esters, Fatty alcohol ethylene and propylene oxide cond., Alkylglucosides, Coconut diethanolamide

Benzalkonium chloride, Ethoxylated quaternary ammonium chloride, Amine oxide

Alkyliminoglycinate, Alkyliminopropionate

ATMP, HEDP, EDTMP, DTPMP, Carboxyl phosphonate (PBTC), EDTA Na4.

Amylases, Catalases, Acid cellulases, Neutral cellulases.

Cumene, Xylene Sulphonate, Polycarboxylates, Lignosulphonate, Dibasic ester, Fatty alcohols and acids, Modified polyester, Precipitated amorphous sillica.

Our products for Textile Effects

Our products for Textile Effects

Reactive Dyes, Direct Dyes, Vat Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Acid Dyes, Cationic Dyes.

Reactive Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Acid Dyes, Inks, Pigments.

Desizing agents, Anti-foaming agents, Wetting agents, Detergents, Dispering agents.

Cellulose FWA, Polyester FWA, Polyamide FWA, Wool FWA, Acrylic FWA.

Anti-foaming agents, Wetting agents, De-areating agents, Leveling agents, Retardants, Dispersing agents, Lubricants, Reserving agents, Soaping agents, Fixing agents.

Thickener, Dispersants, De-aerating agents.

Polyester, Wool, Polyamide.

Anti-stain, Anti-microbial, Moisture Management, Sun protection filters, Softeners, Anti-statics, Flame retardants, Fluorocarbons.

Our Green Solutions

Our Green Solutions

  • Biobased Core Alkali Neutraliser
  • Non-ionic Ethoxylate free Biobased Wetting Agent
  • Bio-Softener
  • Biobased Bleaching Stabilizer
  • Biobased Sequestering Agent

  • Biobased Levelling Agent for Reactive Dyeing
  • Zero Formaldehyde BioResin for Finishing
  • Biobased Anti-Crease Lubricating Agent
  • Biobased Soaping Agent
  • Bio Silicone Softener